Materials not exporting, why not?

Creating the designs is a work in progress, however where I run into issues is when I attempt to export a design item. The exported file only comes through as a wireframe and I lose all added textures. Any ideas how to fix this?

In what file format are you trying to export ?
Have you set its Options in the Export dialog to include what you want - like faces, materials etc ?
Help us to help you…

Ok I went to the options in the export dialog and basically just turned everything on and exported the file as a dwg and it still just came through as a wireframe. Before I changed the options I would go to ‘file’ , ‘export’ , ‘3D Model’ and the dialog box opens where I want to export the file to and the file is titled ’ Untitled.dae’.

DWG files do not carry materials in them, but the SketchUp faces should export perfectly. How they look like in AutoCad depends on the view style you are using - they won’t show in the wireframe style that is usually the default. You must select one of the shaded styles, just like in SketchUp.


I’m not clear on the difference between the term ‘materials’ and ‘faces’ within SketchUp. I’m assuming one term is making reference to the texture that is added to a side of a shape?

I’m also curious if the fact that I’m using ‘TurboCad’ and not AutoCAD if that is creating a problem. I did try and change the view in TurboCad and although the shape was filled in as opposed to seeing a wireframe, it wasn’t the texture that I had added in SketchUp.

By materials I really meant textures. The standard DWG format doesn’t store them. AutoCad has a rendering function of its own, but it is basically a plugin that stores its textures in the drawing’s XDATA in a format that is not readable or writeable by any other application.


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Ah gotcha thanks for clarifying Anssi, So is there anyway to export a design with its added materials to it looks as it does in SketchUp? Besides TurboCad, I also have CorelDraw and Photoshop. I’m designing a sculpture and would like to show the client a design concept that I can email to them, but sending a naked (wireframe)sculpture kind of looses its pizazz! What am I missing? (besides the knowledge.)

try Visualizer extension and send rendered images?

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Cool. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks