Materials list not showing up in warehouse

For the last few months, the materials panel won’t load the materials in a model from warehouse despite it showing that there should be 3. This happens no mater what I click on in warehouse. It’s not a matter of it taking a long time. Newbie here so thanks in advance!

I just checked and it works for me. You might try clearing the internet caches and see if that helps.

@terratherapi … I’ve run across this same issue on occasion with other models. And I just went to that particular model, and the same exists for me - no materials in the materials list. I’ve experienced this whether there were three materials or 30 materials.

I have my browser set to clear everything out upon closing it… so I find it difficult to immediately think it’s the user’s problem. I’m more inclined to think there was a glitch when that model was uploaded. I would think if it was simply or strictly a cache issue, this would happen with more than just a model or two every so often.