Materials - How to manage?

I have just changed to 2017. I cant find any palatte number 2 in the materials ( color ) window. Where is the default materials saved ? How is the best way to manage and save my own materials together with the default ?

Begining with 2017 Materials have a default location in the user AppData folder. Simply adding materials and folders to this location adds them to the SketchUp Material browser.

Open Preferences/Files and you can open the location, and change it to whatever suites you better.

What do you mean by “palette number 2”? Are you referring to the palette at the bottom of the the Colors window?

As far as managing your custom materials, you can use the Materials folder to hold sub folders. On Mac it’s in User/Library/Application Support//SketchUp 2017/… Or as Jim showed, you can make your own Materials location elsewhere. You might consider creating a library outside of …/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/… that could easily be accessible to any version of SketchUp. That way, in a year when it’s time to upgrade again, you can just point the new version to your Materials directory in the SketchUp Preferences window and be done with it.

It isn’t wise to put your new materials in the materials folders included with SketchUp. If you ever have to uninstall and reinstall, your materials may be lost.

Thank you both. I am a norwegian architect sitting here on a sunday playing around. ( I hope you understand my writings )
I have done what you are showing me, but my own folders ( outside Sketchup ) seem to merge with the default one. On my mac there are other name on the folders on norwegian. But is it possible to reset the folder locationes somewhere ?

if your Folders have the same name as a SketchUp Folder they will show be appended…

e.g. if SU uses ‘Bricks’ then you use “Bricks_mine”.

in SU v17 you can reset File locations in Preferences the same way shown for windows by Jim…


Palette nr. 2. Perhaps I should have said window nr. 2. I think I remember for som versions ago I could choose Materials from the pulldown menu and I got a dialog box like many of the other entities. Like styles and components. The upper box for select, edit and statistics, and the lower one only for select.

You’re thinking of the Materials window in SketchUp. The one on the Mac has never had that secondary pane.

Thank you :grinning: ! I have changed from window to mac. So thats the reason.

That would do it. :wink: