Material question

i started a project by bringing in a goggle map of the area. the existing home is about 5 degrees off of true north so i aligned the structure with the map, then reset the axes to match the building. All has worked fine until i started with materials. the material patterns still follow true north axes instead of building axes and i have “eye ball” rotating the alignment. Is there a way to set material patterns to “square up” with the building.

Try making your house into a component and then within that component, you can change the axes. Maybe that’ll align your matetial

Why not simply model the house square to the axis system and then place it in situ later? You don’t really even have to geo-locate the model initially.


@quantj thank for that, it works very well, and actually that solves another minor issue I was having too

@Gully_Foyle the thought was to put it where it belongs and work from there since I know I will be uploading it a couple of times before I’m done I did not want to take the chance of between building and site eliminates forgetting to rotate something or rotate it back

I can’t apply a material on a curve surface or on something like Can. Ex: Can Label…
Please help me…

Watch this tutorial.