Material Modes - New Plugin

Hi All,

Myself and KGDev have created a plugin called ‘Material Modes’, where you can create endless alternate material options. If you have a client that wants to see different material schemes, you can easily create them with this plugin and flip through them during a presentation.

You can also create an alternate scheme that uses black and white patterns for printer-friendly LayOut construction documentation.

I’ve create a video explaining how the plugin works here - (70) Material Modes - SketchUp Plugin - Change all of your materials in one click! - YouTube

Personally I asked KG to develop this because I use Vray to render my models for clients, but then I need to create construction documents using the same model. My materials are too much colour for printing, and not showing any materials does not give enough information. I struggled with this for a long time,… until now!!! I just finished a 140 page drawing set using this plugin, full of drafted black and white textures. The contractor I’m working with said it was one of the nicest design packages he’d ever seen, and it was incredibly easy compared to adding patterns in LayOut.


@Fredo6 released a similar plugin recently, both are interesting options, I’ll give it a try for sure.

Yes, he does. I initially approached KG and Fredo to see if either of them were interested in developing my ‘material modes’ idea, and both were, but KG was quicker and we had a video call so I began the process with him. Fredo developed it anyways, but I could only really focus on one, so I haven’t tested his out much. With the KG one, all of the kinks have been flushed out and I know it can work on a large scale project really well. I’m actually really dependent on it now for my workflow!!