Marzelvane Assembly



That’s the most accurate marzelvane assembly I’ve ever seen. Excellent work.


I agree. But only because it’s the only “marzelvane assembly” I’ve ever seen!

And I have no clue what it is nor what it’s used for! Anybody care to enlighten me? Wikipedia had nothing and the top Google results throw in a LOT of other jargon I don’t recognize!


Steven, I’m surprised. You should see this. It should explain everything.

@jimhami42, have you drawn the panametric fan and ambifacient lunar wane shaft, yet? Remember that second one is very important for eliminating side fumbling.


@jimhami42, I would love to see the exploded version of your model.


Please! Not before I can safely relocate to a different planet!


Said Chauncey Gardner: “Yes. I understand now.”