March of Robots Live SketchUp Modeling

Last week Tyson modeled a super cute little robot in a dangerous scenario. This week, it’s Aaron’s turn! What prompt will Aaron be modeling? Well, he does not get choose, YOU DO!

Pick which prompt you think would make the best SketchUp Robot from the poll below, then tune in 2022-03-18T18:00:00Z to see our creation come to life!

What kind of Robot should Aaron model?

  • Fire
  • Lock
  • Machine
  • Orb
  • Portal
  • Tower
  • Garden

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Vote now then join us live on YouTube!

Looks like there is a good chance Portal will win! Assuming so, I’m gonna model this guy

Here’s a more detailed image of the P-Body robot:


I’ve started the March for you.
Leg lift


Hey Aaron! Cheers from Summit County. I guess I joined the march of robots also, since I’ve done a couple of them this week. Remember the “Lost in Space” TV series from the 60’s?


Heya, this is Charlie from the comic story RoBusters, the universe in which Hammerstein and judge dress live.

Charlie is a huge robot, protector of the people that was double crossed, sunk by battleships and resurrected to return home in this state: he’s old, bashed up but it’d be a great model with curves, pipes, cables, shell holes torn bits and all that jazz.

Hey there,

tell me more about it.