Making "Steel honeycomb structure" in sketchup


Hi, Could someone please help me out with making a “steel honeycomb structure” like the one i have attached. It’s basically a square “frame” i guess you can put it. I’ve tried numerous ways to make it but i can’t quite achieve the exact look. Thanks.


Something like this?

I would probably make another component for the edges.

Another way would be not to put a bottom on it and use a group for the base.
Or use the top one and flip & mirror to create a cross, then make the cross a component.
…Or. or… or


If you have SketchUp PRO, you can have a look at TIGs Honeycomber plugin.


Will this plugin work with SU15 pro?




Anyone who has tried it in Mac? Cant get it to work, won’t show up.


It should work with MAC too, maybe @TIG can confirm this. Have you actived the extension in the preferences?


It’s my newbie mistake, only looked in sketchucation plugin manager, not su’s and there it was not loaded.


Dave Richards has a good blog post on the “Design.Click.Build” blog on FineWoodworking.Com. The technique for making thesimple lattice he discusses on the blog can also be used for the honeycomb mesh.
Here’s a link to the blog:

Hope this helps.


My Honeycomber plugin is an Extension which needs activating in the Extensions Manager OR Preferences > Extensions after you install it.
Once activated it stays that way until you decide to change it…
Once activated you then need to activate its Toolbar…