How do I extrude truss structure?



Hi all!

I’m trying to produce a lattice type structure for a stadium canopy. This is what I have so far. How would I extrude all these lines to give the members actual thickness? I was thinking maybe 300mm diameter Circular Hollow Sections.

canopy structure 1.skp (294.4 KB)

Thank you all!


You could use Lattice Maker:


I’ve tried downloading the extension but it say unsigned?


It’s ok, it’ll work! If you need to know details about the meaning of “unsigned”, make a search in forum, you’ll find a discussion.


Apart from doing it the old-fashoined follow-me way, and the one extension already mentioned, here are four extensions you may want to look at (there are probably more):


I think the one you mention is for surfaces and not lines.


Even so, you could create those faces and then use that plugin, or … you can use the JHS Powerbar > Lines to Tubes plugin, see video at 2:22:


It’s such a simple structure you could make one truss and array it.