Making copy of chair equal distance from table legs

As you can see, these chairs are not equally spaced in relation to the table. How do I make a copy of the chair on the left on the right side so that it’s mirrored in relation to the table?

No measurement method using Move/Copy.

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I’m not sure what is happening in the gif. Are the 2 final chairs evenly spaced from the table?
DiningRoomFurniture.skp (3.8 MB)

The two final chairs are evenly spaced between the legs.

I’ve done the same thing with yours. This is obviously before deleting the two outer chairs.

As I showed in my gif, the right leg of the first chair is aligned with the outside of the left leg. Make the copy with Move/Copy aligning the left leg of the chair with the outside of the right table leg.

A typically brilliant and simple solution using native tools from Zenmaster @DaveR.

There are other ways, including using mirror extensions. That can be useful when you want to mirror the first side to the other side of the table, for example.

Another version if you want four chairs.