Making a Perforated Board

Polygon Shop Model #9.skp (772.4 KB)
I was making a perforated board by subtracting a dowel from the board. I first, had made holes two inches apart using move/copy array. It was taking a long time to trace one section of circle, erase the hole face on both sides of the wall (so many holes). I decided to use the native subtract tool instead. After a while I got a crash report which I submitted. Then, I continued subtracting and the screen froze. I could not reopen the file. The skp file I could not open is attached. It is not a big deal, because I have skp copies of before I started making the perforated wallboard. Any ideas of how to represent a perforated board like that using a texture or something?

Make the ‘‘circle’’ for hole with 3-4 edges, not 24.
No need to use Solid Tools (Subtract), just do a 2D face with all the holes and extrude it.

Or use a seamless texture

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Sorry, I asked the question before you were finished posting.