Make page setup automatically match LayOut paper size

Why doesn’t page setup automatically match the paper size of my layout drawing? Whenever I make an 11x17 drawing and print it by default it is printed on letter paper so I have to go in and adjust page setup and re-print. It seems like it would be trivial to make page setup just match the paper size of the document if it can and perhaps throw an informational message if your printer doesn’t support the paper size you are working with that has some options about what to do about it.

Hi Dave,

Yes, that is a workaround for people who always create 11x17 documents, but for those of us that work in many paper sizes it isn’t super helpful. This wasn’t a request for technical support on how I set the paper size but a feature request that the developers of LayOut write code that does the work for me so that it is easier for the end user.

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