Resetting the printer in layout

I keep having to tell my printer what size to print to PDF. It resets every time I open and close the program.
Its a little frustrating and here’s what I do:
Create Drawing. Save as (Name)
Select Print
Select PDF maker. (I use Adobe)
hit “apply”
Cancel print job
Open Page setup
select 11x17, hit ‘OK’
Select Print and print to PDF file.


You might try adjusting the Page Setup info earlier in the process. Put it before using the ‘Save As (name)’ function - (in step 1 of the process you mention).

thus try… Create Drawing, Adjust Page Setup,… Save as (name). . . .and hopefully that will stick.

You could also use the integrated PDF export function in LayOut and forget about Page Setup altogether. In Windows, printing always defaults to the page size you have specified as the default in the printing preferences of the printer driver.


Agreed, Please fix this annoying issue that keeps resetting the Print Setup to “Letter Size” as half the world uses “ISO A3 or A4”. Allow people to lock and set it to a certain format paper size within the file or following the page setup.

In Windows 7: Start menu>Devices and Printers>Right-click on your printer and select “Printing preferences” from the context menu. Set the default page size to something you actually use.