Changing Page size / Printers in Layout when everything is grayed out

I can not get Layout to print to my new plotter right. It will not let me chose the paper size. Under page setup it gives me almost no options. Under print I can chose the right printer (the HP
T530 Printer/Plotter). But everything else is grayed out. I need to print to my new printer, but it only prints a small piece of a page. The Size of paper in printer setup is like it is only seeing my HP 8610 with the small size paper to choose from.

LayOut should be looking at your printer drivers for what paper sizes are available. What happens if you export from LayOut to PDF and then print from Adobe Acrobat or Reader?

In Layout I made the page on a 24 x 36 Templet. When I print in Sketchup it lets me choose the printer and the paper size. In layout it only prints in a 8.5 x 11 size. Even when saved in a PDF file it then prints a small part of the print out in a 8.5 x 11 corner of my plotter page of 24 x 36. I need to find a way to get layout to see my new printer like it does in Sketchup. Any thoughts?

Since printing the PDF wouldn’t involve LayOut, I expect the fix is not in LayOut.

Can you share the LayOut file, though, so we can see what you are working with?

Well, I found if you go to print then Choose your printer. The go into preferences and then under Layout go to the bottom and Choose Advanced. You can now choose a paper size and it lists the sizes that this printer can print. You need to Click ok and then on the next page Click ok. Before you leave the next page you must Click on Apply or it will not take. Now it works, for now. I hope I do not have to do this every time I want to print something in Layout. Thanks for your help. It keep me looking for a way to make it work. Being a PC Tec in my past before I retired, I had to get it to work some how. Again Thanks

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Did you create a template in that custom paper size and use it as your layout template when you imported the project?

File>Document setup
Choose Paper
Type in the paper size it will either give you the size as custom or the correct paper size.
Paper size
That should give you that paper, I don’t have the ability to print it but you can try.
Don’t forget to save it as a custom template.

I did it like the Books, Tutorials and YouTube Videos said to. But I did get it to work by going deep into the preferences and advanced printer features. It should not of been this ward to get to work. There is no Guide or video on how to fix it. If my back ground had not been a Computer Tec, I do not think I would have ever found the fix.

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If you are using a layout template for a smaller paper than you want to print to it will print the size of the paper you have in the template on the larger page you have selected. Did you try setting the template of the page you are using to the size paper you want it to print on as I suggested?

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