Make a bend on a diagonal

I am a total novice. I need to make a bracket for an old Mercedes and I wondered if you could help. I have about 25% of the rusted bracket - the rest has rusted away. These brackets are unobtainable so I would like to 3d print. Attached is a photo of the part I have and an image of what it should look like.!

I have made an skp (attached) BUT the bend is at 90 - it needs to match the angle of the end piece. I used Fredo6 Radial Bending to get where I am.

How do I make this bend at the required angle?Flat Raised.skp (310.7 KB)

Many thanks for your help


OOPS - I am only allowed one embedded media in a post. I’ll post the skp and try the others later

Look at the animated GIF

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There are basically three steps to the radial bend tool.
Click and drag to set the angle of rotation, then another click to set the length of material to bend then bend and click to finish (or type the angle you need).
Here I have used a guide to help set the angle, I would probably use another guide or the hidden geometry to align the second part of the bend, instead of the rough guess I have used in this gif.
Angle bend

Thanks. guys. I am getting there - just having problems getting the axis right. With the help you have given I’ll get there.

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Or you can try this way


Many, many thanks - SO much to learn and, with your help, I got there. BUT

I cannot push pull the small holes needed for the bolts. Same spk I posted earlier. WHAT am I doing wrong?


You have a group within a group. You either need to open both for editing, or explode once so you only have one group.
Here I double click twice to get all the way in.

Thanks OH so easy when you explain it that way. It works for me. Many thanks for your help, Box.