MAJ FollowMe. Can be used by all Sketchup users

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“MAJ FollowMe” can select a shape from a list. The shape will follow your mouse pointer in Sketchup. In any place, you click you will have a fixpoint, and a double click will make your 3D. You can add a shape to the list (and save it on the hard disk) from Sketchup group, component, or single face simply.
You can download this extension from the following address.

Please let me know your idea about this extension.

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“MAJ FollowME” (Free Extension) New version (Version 1.0.2) is available now. You can download it from following address.
For more information please watch following video…

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Hello Guys,
Rotate added to FollowMe types. This extension is useful for all Sketchup users. The rotate type will be available for paid MAJ FollowMe. The “MAJ FollowMe” new version will send to all clients that buy this extension before for free.
For more information please follow me on Youtube. This extension has very good potential to help all Sketchup users.