macOS Rendering Software

Im using the latest macOS. All rendering programs recommended run only on windows. what is the best one to use for macs?

Check out V-Ray. It’s mac compatible.

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There is many rendering solution working on Mac. If you choose an extension in SketchUp, there is several as Vray, Thea, SU Podium, etc…

If you want to try a free solution, try Blender and watch tutorials. There is a SKP import add-on, but working only on Window. I just have found a nice solution to import my SketchUp models in Blender for rendering is 3DS file format. It is a great solution. Most of other CAD formats give bad results.
The 3DS import add-on could be find as pre-installed in Blender in test or experimental section.

Edit : I make a presentation and a little training to an interior architect who is interested by Blender. We discussed about SketchUp to Blender by 3ds format and rendering.
3DS file format addon for Blender is only in 2.92 alpha version under development, and can be found in “testing” section of addons.

I made a simple and fast test with Ando Koshino house skp file (textures come from SketchUp, I just add parameters to floor and glass + light post production improvement in Blender) :

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But you need a powerfull machine for renderings!

This thread talks about rendering software with some discussion of which are Mac compatible and which are Windows only.

Another rendering with Blender from a SketchUp model saved as 3DS.

I progress with Cycle engine…

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