MacBook 14 M2 Pro Ventura 13.6.7

Currently MacBook 14 M2 Pro Ventura 13.6.7
Waiting to upgrade to Sonoma and SKP 2024

I can’t afford to have a stoppage
so waiting at least 3 generations of updates before I upgrade to Sonoma

The bigger problem seems to be
2023 is not compatible with Sonoma
2024 in not compatible with Ventura
So the transition will be difficult

At that time in intend to upgrade
to SKP 2024 first
Then update to Sonoma
Is that a good idea?

How long should I wait?

2024 is compatible with Ventura.
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and installing 2024 doesn’t mean you have to uninstall 2023. you can keep both. so if something doesn’t go your way with 24 you can still use 23.

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Thanks for the clarification
So, I will upgrade to Sketchup 2024
as soon is it REALLY works with Venrura
So far not so good as I have been reading

well you’ve been reading the handful of cases where it doesn’t work well.
everyone else out there with no issues didn’t bother coming to tell us…

forums like this one can be echo chambers when it comes to negative feedback.

the major point of SU24 is the new 3d engine, Metal.
and off course, if you decide to replace an old engine that hasn’t changed (on mac) since 2009, you’ll have potential issues.
That’s why if you install SU24, in the preference panel, you can choose to revert to the old engine, making it basically a SU23+ version

secondly, Apple has pushed a lot of security features this year in sonoma, and some have been behind the problems su23 and 24 have faced in recent month. In february for example, SU23 would crash on saving.

For that, the safest path is probably to stay in ventura until the final stable sonoma. usually X.5 or X.6

again, you don’t have to uninstall SU23 when you install SU24. and the files are intercompatible, no version thing to be wary of.
so you can install SU24, takes 5 min, try it, and if it crashes on you or you have to revert to the older engine, then you can just get rid of it and keep using 23.

That sounds like good information
I will move in that direction
Thank you