Mac mini M1

I’ve the new Mac Mini M1. All was just fine with Sketchup Pro until I launch Layout. Since Sketchup just crashes when I trie to launch it.

Incident Identifier: 525851B4-99CE-43AA-8F16-7E11081CB4E2
CrashReporter Key: CB2E526D-A107-5116-9457-C27D2F6CEAD8
Hardware Model: Macmini9,1
Process: SketchUp [1091]
Identifier: com.sketchup.SketchUp.2021
Version: 21.0 (21.0.338)
Code Type: X86-64
Parent Process: launchd [1]

How do you launch? From within SketchUp?
By double clicking an existing .layout document?
Or by starting the app itself?

From within Sketchup but now Sketchup doesn’t work.(Layout is ok).

M1 Mac Mini with 3 screens. Modelling on centre, windows (Tags, Outliner etc) on right hand monitor. When it wakes from sleep, all the SU utility windows have moved to left screen - very annoying. Doesnt seem to be any window position memory working. Anyone else have this?

I’ve experienced the multiple monitor tool palette issue for years on macOS, so I don’t think that’s specific to the M1 at all.

I have that on su2019! On an intel mac. Has done fir years. Drives me insane. It is literally the only app I have that exhibits this behaviour.

So its not the M1, not Big Sur, not SU 21…hmmm. I didn’t see it on my old iMac with SU20 - would remember the locations. Point is, we need a tray function for pallets like the Windows version. Right now, they are free float around whatever displays you may have. Anyone from Sketchup know of plans to fix this?

How is the overall experience on the MM M1? I’m about to upgrade my MBP (2017) for a desktop finally now that I’m staying home more than ever. I’m a residential architect using SketchUp and LayOut for all my design and production drawings.