Mac Material Editor

You recently started doing what. What do you want to try?

Your profile says you are using an ancient version of SketchUp on Windows. Is that really correct? This is a thread about using current version of SketchUp on Mac.

Not true, I’m actually using SketchUp Pro 2022, but I specified the old one there. I don’t know why, I just felt like it.

Then you deserve to be treated as spam and deleted.

Just because I specified a different version? Good idea, you can treat me however you want

So you put bogus information in your profile and expect to be taken seriously?

Okay, sorry, I fixed it, I didn’t think it was that serious )))

There is no free 2022.

400 euros is not so much

Nothing more than a troll can afford.

Yes, as you say

Material Isolator works! Thanks to the developer! Perhaps the SketchUp team could implement this approach!

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Beautifully said! It too saddens me to see that Trimble hasn’t made any improvements in the material editor over all these years. It’s one of the MOST essential elements of SketchUp! I’m not sure who’s in charge of prioritizing product updates, but they’ve really missed the mark with this one. I wish they would stop renovating the house and start fixing the foundation. :confused:

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Get back on track. Are you on a Mac and do you have anything to say about the material editor?

With the improvements in 2024 they fixed a lot of foundation - I am absolutely in love with the new engine and can‘t wait for the Layout engine to get out of it‘s experimental stage. My hope is that material improvements and hatches are next that would very much help the workflow and stop of the stacking madness we do in Layout nowadays to get something presentable out of it. After that maybe a step importer and we have a very nice little program on our hands. Than they can get back playing with AI. :joy:

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