Mac interface; toolbar customizing and docking tools,

I think I would like to put my ten cents in on this. I have used SketchUp Pro since version 5. I have used it on both Windows and Mac. Windows always used to crash when my models got to be too big and Mac has been super stable for me and a workhorse. I also have to use AutoCAD products in my day to day work. If you can look at the latest versions of AutoCAD they have pallettes that dock. They can be moved all over the screen and onto multiple creeps. They can be ‘hidden or collapsed and then they expand when your cursor goes over them and they can be locked and unlocked.

Maybe this is something we should be looking at in how to advance the cause and move SketchUp forward.screen space to me is valuable even with a 27” and 24’ SET OF 5K Apple Monitors running off a Mac Pro or my MacBook Pro.

Your thoughts???

I completely agree DRDS. I too us autodesk products (Fusion) and its much cleaner. I haven’t experienced quite the program stability with sketchup lately since moving back to mac - it crashes quite often for a myriad of reasons - usually adjusting textures within a component within a component or something convoluted like that - I’m still figuring out how I can fix this (of course, sketchup help claims its all vray/extensions, but I digress…).

I use the mac pro that pushes out to 3 additional monitors. The memory for all the other programs windows and docking exist when I reboot and open the apps - except for sketchup. So without being a developer, it’s clear it can be reconciled or as a minimum there room for improvement.

This isn’t about moving to the dark side but its not about appeasing the purists and leaving things alone either- its about flexibility to adapt to several workflows while still leveraging Mac’s Strengths…

I’m impressed - great dialog going here…


I couldn’t agree more. Some serious attention to even small improvements here would be huge to the Mac user base.