Lost my work after power failure

SU 2019 on Mac.
Lost my work after power went off
Please help?

There’s a very good chance you can pick up where you left off by opening the file with the ~ at the end of it, which is generated regularly if you have autosaves turned on (it’s on by default). Someone will correct me if I’m wrong here, or elaborate if I’m not being specific enough. So, wherever you saved your file, there is likely a duplicate of it with a ~ at the end, that you can open and use.

Whenever I’ve been in a similar situation, re-opening SketchUp will automatically load those autosaves for me.

Finally, if you have a Time Machine backup set up and it was running, you can easily restore that file in its entirety. Chances are you didn’t do this, as it would have been the obvious method.

No duplicate with ~ at the end…
I was under the impression that files get saved every 5 minutes ,but don’t know where to find them

Had you already saved the file before the power failure?

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the ‘tilde’ ~ is for backup files, if you have them set in Preferences…

the Autosaves [if set in prefs] for named files will be with the file prepended ‘Autosave_’ and if Untitled will be in the Autosaved folder in the user Library…

if your still on SU v18…


yes this morning

Unfortunately if you are using SU pro 19 as you said in your question you are probably out of luck. Currently SU Pro for Mac erases the auto-save or “recovery” file when you restart the computer. It’s a mistake as of course that’s exactly when you might need one. This began with the 19 update, no word on a fix yet. Sorry :neutral_face:

Ditto what endlessfix says. I have explored this matter heavily and commented in this thread. Everything you need to know about how autosave works (or doesn’t) is in this thread.

SketchUp Pro 2019 = Let’s talk about Saving

Also, file names preceded by the ~ are backups–not autosaves. And since SU 2019 no files are preceded by “autosave”.

What is the difference between a backup and autosave? They both end up in the same place for me and the backup is the one that is written every 5 minutes it seems. The autosave only appears for me rarely.

Read the entire thread–twice. Backups are not saved every 5 minutes and autosaves are sent to a hidden temp folder (SU 2019).

In older versions of SU it works as expected. “Backup” is a file that is simply another exact copy of your existing model. It has the same name with a ~ applied to the beginning and should exist right next to the original file on your directory. This backup is created every time you save your model normally, (not every 5 min) if you do not save a file, no backup is made. It exists as an option to retreat to if your primary file gets erased or corrupted.

Autosaves are generated in the background on a user set time schedule (potentially 5 min). This version is usually invisible to the user and never seen. If SU crashes, the autosave version will be placed into the directory next to the primary file with the word “Autosave” in front of the file name, indicating that an unexpected shutdown has occurred and this is the last “autosave” version that existed before the crash. If you save a file normally and SU shuts down without problem then the current “autosave” file is erased as it is assumed you don’t need it since you saved your file successfully.

This is how it used to work and will continue to work for those like me who are sticking with 18 for now.

I’m on one. 2018.

Thank you for the clarification. Turns out I’m a habitual saver. Comes from being a graphic designer on macs in the 90s I guess.

Right there with you! Thanks again. Now it makes sense.

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