Looking to hire someone who can create a plugin


I am looking for someone who has the knowledge and ability to create a plugin that enables a feature on our website.

We would like a 3D configurator on our website that is currently being designed. This configurator will consist of all our products (structures). It will be a simple process with navigation where the visitors select the width x length x leg height of the structure, the features for each structure like doors, glass walls, solid sides, carpet colour etc.

There is a product on the market that exists already, however I dont think it supports sketchup files.

See link for example; https://www.hallconfigurator.com/en/

It will be embedded onto its own designated page. I have every product we supply available already drawn up in sketchup ready to be sent over if this plugin is possible?

If someone feels this is possible, drop me a message and we can have a chat. Looking to get his done asap.


Be very careful and check the credentials of anyone you choose. Finding them here is no guarantee of skills or professionalism.

From what I understand you are not really looking for someone to craft a SketchUp extension (or Plugin), but someone that is able to craft a web configurator (which is a webapp and has not really something to do with SketchUp) that is able to exchange data with SketchUp models you already have prepared, or even generate them from scratch.

Something like this: https://kg-dev.be/service-product-configurators/

Hi all, thank you for the responses.

Box - How would i go about confirming ones credentials when it comes to Sketchup? Do you have any suggestions of reputable people?

Kengey - I guess it doesnt have to be a plugin, i just presumed it would have to be in order for it operate externally. Is that link you posted something you could assist in setting up?

Henryyyyy - I have emailed you.

Many thanks all.

Some basics, they must be using a pro version, anything else is not acceptable. Check their profile for relevant links and activity. Ask for examples of their actual work within skethup.
Don’t accept images at face value and understand the reality of what you are looking for.

HI Box

What is your gut feeling on Henryyyyy who has stated he can help?

I have looked online at Trust Pilot and it doesn’t look good, but then there are positives mentioned also.

I’m thumbing all this and I’m too old to do that well. I’m trying to say you need to get good developers (which you can find here) and avoid the spamalots who will be drawn to this thread.

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Bit slow with the thumbs. The cislabs tells me instantly that he is spam and should be deleted. He has edited in his address in an attempt to avoid our spam filter.

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Perfect. I have actually emailed him, but I will be sure to ignore his response. I especially wont open any documents he sends.

I will await for someone else to comment with a possible solution. I am starting to think that this idea just isn’t possible!

I’d be very happy to see an honest and independent review of that site.

Dont worry, I am not even going to entertain them. They are pretty much in negative on trust pilot!

I have come across this; https://forums.sketchup.com/t/introducing-a-new-kind-of-sketchup-object-live-components/139815strong text**

Do you think this could be used for what I am after?

And also, I came across this website; https://apps.muellerinc.com/design/

Do you know what this was designed on?

thanks Box

I wonder if you found someone to help you?