Looking to hire SketchUp Pro for final details in elephant statue

Hello, I am looking to hire a SketchUp pro to tighten up an elephant model in SketchUp.

What we do have:
A rough model in SketchUp
A detailed 3D scan of a small physical model

What we need:
The model scaled up larger in SketchUp to be the correct size (the 3D scan is smaller that the actual elephant will be).
The elephant will sit on some simple concrete risers that need to be modeled and rendered in SketchUp. This will require coordinating with the artist (who has some SketchUp experience but is not advanced). These need to be accurate to give to the architect who will coordinate casting the risers.

Thank you for your time.

Note that SketchUp Free should not be used for paid / commercial work.

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thanks all! This has been resolved.