Looking for someone who wants to make some dynamic doors

Hello ,

I was wondering if some of you skilled modellers here ,are interested in making me some dynamic doors.
I checked out out multiple tutorials on youtube, and i still can get any wiser out of it.
the models are already done. and are ready to be send .

Have a nice day

Jacob Groenewold

This should be under the Commercial and Collaboration section of the forum. Are you paying for this project?

No sir i make these 3d models for my own use. the doors i want to have dynamic are being used in WW2 German bunkers and are for private purposses only.

You misunderstood. The topic of your thread belongs in the category of Commercial and Collaborative Work. @DaveR had moved it to the correct location.

Are you wanting to hire someone to make dynamic components for you? If so I might be able to help you out.

well i havent got the money for it, so if you are still interested to do it. you can be my quest

Hmmmm… I’ve gone on quests. Usually looking for my wife’s keys and other lost things. I’ve never been anyone’s quest, though.

So you are just looking for someone to volunteer to make you the Dynamic Components for your doors free of charge? Maybe you could give enough information so someone who might be willing would know what you are looking for. Share some images of the types of doors and other details. What do you expect to be able to do with these doors? Why do they need to be dynamic? What do they need to do dynamically?

Im sorry i had an typo there
If someone would volunteer to make it that would be great.
I believe its not that much work, but i cant get my head arround it.
only thing thats needed that the can be opened 80 to 90 degrees thats all.

You should upload the skp file so that others may be able to review it and make modifications if they want to help out.

19 P7 en 434 P 01.skp (1.0 MB)

I would like these doors to be dynamic, so they can open 80 to 90 degrees.
Reason why i want them dynamic is so i can open them by just one click, instead of rotating it on his axle. its basicly the only thing my models need to be more “alive”

Many thanks

You should be clear in your requests so that respondents correctly address your inquiry. It may not be enough to just post the file by itself without any explanation.

The post from @DaveR is on point because you need to let us know the specifics behind your request.

Also take note of the Private Message I sent to you.

Who is gonna be behind these doors?

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