Looking for somebody that can model my new mixing studio

Hi there!

I am a soundengineer and my new mixing room will be in a swimming hall.
100 m2 and the room is not easy to model (sloping walls sloping roofs, the Pool, many concrete beams, a wooden gallery…). The room will be divided in a large room (appr. 80 m2) and a little room (that is not important).

I am looking for a Student that would build me that room in Sketch up for my acoustic engineer. As you might know Music is not the very best business to be in. If my acoustic engineer would do that modelling it would be too expensive. That’s why I am looking for a student, that would want to do that, but maybe this project is also of interest for him.

If you are interessted let me know, then I can send you some photos, scan the plans and let me know how much you would expect to get.

In a later phase I also want to get 3D Modelings from the inside of that room, so then also my mixing desk would have to be modeled and my speakers etc. So that I can plan where to put them and so that I can see how it lookes. That would be a 2nd step. In the first step the Walls, Ceilings, etc. have to be built in Sketch up so that my Acoustic Engineer can start to plan the acoustic.

I tried to learn it my self but it is too complex.

hello , im a 3d sketchup professional , and can do that work for you ,
here is my portfolio and a link ,


you can contacte me with pleasure : groovydesigntech@gmail.com