Looking for professional service to create SU dynamic components

We are a design and manufacturing firm that is interested in retaining the professional services of creating SU dynamic components for a product line we have developed. The product line is modern wine rack cabinetry. Contact me if you offer this service and would like to learn more.

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Hello Mr. Robert Bass,
I am Simon Joubert, I am interested in your advertisement.
I sent you a private message with my references.


Thanks for your response. What is your rate and how do we begin?



Hello @robert.bass

I would love to help you. Kindly reach out to me via Rishabh at plaxonic dot com

Best Regards

Mr. Bass,

Am replying to your post about you wanting to develop SU dynamic components for some of the components of your Kessick Wine Storage Systems. Would like to have the opportunity to have a conversation with you … to learn more about you plans and to explore how I might be able to contribute.

And to get to get the conversation started I am sending to you the .SKP file for a SU dynamic component that I developed this afternoon … a rough model of the “ISLAND” shown in the “Custom Wine Room Design” on your website.

Here is an Enscape rendering of one configuration of that model:

Obviously I do not have access to your shop drawings, so this only a rough approximation of your island … but this dynamic component offers the option of 6 widths; 2 wood finished; and 2 counter tops.

And here are some 2D exports from SketchUp of various configurations of that same dynamic component:

I will follow up with a PM with the .SKP file and my contact information.

Warms Regards,

Ernest Godsey
GTA Design

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