Looking for help in Design?

Are you looking for help in architectural drafting, architectural designs and models, 3D walkthroughs, Landscaping, 2D & 3D renderings, that are cost and time efficient .

Areas of expertise include CAD, CAM Software AutoCAD, Solid works, Solid edge, UG NX, Sketchup & 3ds MAX, Autodesk Revit etc

Please DM me with details.

Warm Regards

What version of SketchUp are you using? You didn’t answer that question in your profile.

The latest version SketchUp Pro 2022.0

You should add that to your forum profile.

sure, thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure if you have heard of http://www.sloped.io

We are always looking for professional users of Sketchup and Layout. We test and certify pro’s in order to connect them with all types of businesses that need design and presentation help using Sketchup Pro.

We aren’t for everyone, but maybe it’s another connection for work for you.