Looking for expert model maker for board game miniatures

Hello there. I am in putting together a Kickstarter board game and am at the point where I need to find a really good miniature artist. What I am looking for is someone that can create from scratch a model with detail along the lines of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1808230. Since this will eventually be for a commercial product the items must be of an original design rather than a remix of someone else’s intellectual property.

More specifically, the hardest part of what I am needing is the creation of a male and female version of 5 classic D&D character classes and at the moment six “monsters” (though this number might increase slightly through the scope of the project). In addition to these there are a handful other much smaller/easier items. I am targeting two different audiences with this game. With the Core Rules I expect anyone 8 and older can open the box and start playing within two minutes. For older audiences, those 14 and up, the Expanded Rules simply add on to the game to make it much more dynamic, but they should also be able to start having fun within two minutes.

What I would like from anyone interested is a photo resume with high quality images of previous work along this line. For example if you have only ever built space ships this is likely not the gig for you. I would like to see the quality of what you can do, everything from hands and shoes to faces, hair, armor, weapons, etc. I would also like to see a quote for something you already built as if that happened to be exactly what I am looking for, what would it have cost for you to have just now made that from scratch for this project? For example, what would you charge to make a miniature of a knight?

As this will be for a Kickstarter project I would not expect the delivery of the items in a short time but would allow a couple of months for the full delivery of agreed upon products and final payment for services. My thinking here is a staggered approach to delivery and payment, say in X time frame Y number of models will be delivered and Z dollars will be paid. And of course this would all depend on if the project becomes fully funded.

I currently have an artist for the graphics of the board, cards, and box and am nearly finished with the initial design. Within the next week (two at the outside) I will have local beta testers running through the game. Within a month thereafter I will be ready to start production on the video for Kickstarter. The rest, hopefully, will be history. I am not expecting to make a mint out of this…likely I will just break even. But the idea for this game hit me like a thunderbolt last Saturday night and I had to get up and type it out rather than sleeping…I finally made it to bed four hours later.

Thank you for your consideration. Please send resume information to brian at mystictowers dot com.

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