Looking for an in depth tutorial on "Follow Me"

I feel like for the most part I have a pretty good grasp of most of the tools in sketch up, I even know my way around the solid tools pretty well (carry over knowledge from MS Visio)

But the results of follow me are always a complete surprise to me.

Usually it does nothing when I first try to drag the face, until (in frustration) I shake the mouse violently, and then Magic!

Sometimes it does exactly what i want,
sometimes my shape is inside out (revers faces)
sometimes it starts behind the beginning of my line then skips a section and then continues on fine.

So I want to know everything i can about it. I want to become a “follow me” master, I want to never be surprised by the result again.

So if anyone can point me to this knowledge it would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t try to drag it, select the path with the selection tool, then get the follow me tool and click on the profile.
This is one example.


Here is another example showing how to make the first and last segments of an arc perpendicular to the profile, to avoid angled end faces.


Here is something a little more in depth.
Using Follow Me within a group, with the path outside the group.

And I’d recommend this link too.


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