Looking for a modeler

I am looking for someone who could create Disneyland and California adventure in a 3D model.
These models do not have to be perfect examples of the park, I would like all the different lands created.
These will be converted to work in FSX (Flight Simulator X).
So if you are a modeler, and are bored or just looking for something to do. It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I wonder why there is not much to find in www.flightsim.com
(first log in) http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=46615167

Yeah. Their is the Monorail and a fireworks display.
But their is so little detail available for the park, that in the sim you dont even see it.
So with the scenery i am creating for the Anaheim area. I want to add the park to give a since of completeness to it.
Like i said, it does not have to be perfect as it will only be seen from the air.
The photo i am using as the base for the scenery, has all the satellite map images. but they are flat where you should see some things, like the Matterhorn, and buildings, plus some of the other buildings that were in open areas, like tomorrowland, frontierland, its a small world, Fantasyland, new orleans square and Mickey’s toontown. The rest i can complete from whats available now, and a mix and match of scenery objects already available for FSX.


248 objects are to arrange !
For example this detailed DISNEYLAND CASTLE ;

Thanks for the find. I am downloading many of the models. Their are some areas missing, Its a start to the project. Their is still some i need. But i have something to work with for now.
Thank you again.

I will try and post screenshots of the completed park.
Thank you to all the modelers.