Lock/Restrain a Group/Object child within a Dynamic Component when component is resized

Hello All,

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on how to lock/restrain the size of the “Description” child in my model when the cabinet width is increased or decreased so the word doesn’t stretch?

I would also appreciate to know to make the position of the “Description” child to always reposition itself to be central with the cabinet width (or this possibly might be done automatically when resized anyway).

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Over Fridge 2 Doors 600 - 1000.skp (132.7 KB)

Is this what you’re after? I added some attributes to the “Description” child Component. it remains its original size and stays in the center when resizing.
Over Fridge 2 Doors 600 - 1000.skp (142.8 KB)

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Thanks very much Isaak, that’s exactly what I was hoping for :smiley:

Thank you very much for your help!

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You’re welcome, glad I could help.

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Hello Isaak,

On continuing from my last question about this topic, how do I lock the description on this base 1 door LH when it is stretched? So when the cabinet is increased from eg 300mm to 500mm the text on the LH side to stay exactly in the same position.

The Description layer is currently 36mm from the LH side of the carcass.

I also will need to do the same for a base 1 door RH with the desription for the RH locking on the right hand side of the cabinet, I think this will be even more difficult as the axis for the cabinet component is still on the LH side of the cabinet yet the description has to lock on the RH side.

Any help or direction would be really appreciated.

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Regards Wolf

Base 1 Door 150 - 600 Left Hand.skp (118.1 KB)

Good evening! I’m currently just on my phone so I can’t look at the model but i will take a look at it tomorrow morning.

Here are the models, Base 1 Door 150 - 600 Left Hand.skp (127.0 KB)
Base 1 Door 150 - 600 Right Hand.skp (124.1 KB)

I added some attributes to the description group to lock the size and position, let me know if you need anything else.

Awesome thanks Isaak,

I’m just awaiting the boss to forward me the 2019 license serial so once he does Ill be able to check these out.

I’ll let you know once I open them and work out what you have done lol

Cheers Wolf

Sorry about that, I’ll down save them to 2018 and re-upload them.

Base 1 Door 150 - 600 Left Hand.skp (125.4 KB)
Base 1 Door 150 - 600 Right Hand.skp (122.4 KB)
These are down-saved to 2018,

Geez Man you are seriously intelligent!!! I wouldn’t have been able to figure those myself.

I received the 2019 licence today so can open both your examples now. I will have a look at these next week and try to work out how you did these.

Thanks so much for your help!

Cheers Wolf

Hi Junior,

Do you have time to help with another DC question? If not then let me know so I can ask the forum.

How can I make the description (child) move forward when the cabinet size width is entered less than 300mm?

Eg; in component options, if the width is reduced smaller than 300mm the description will shift out to the front of the cabinet.

I have tried to figure out how to move it but everything I try cause problems.

Cheers again,


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Base 1 Door Left Hand.skp (149.5 KB)

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