Load errors after uninstalling 2015 and installing 2016

I downloaded 2016 and installed, but every time I start it up I am confronted with a long list of load errors. See the screenshot here.

I uninstalled 2015 then installed 2016. After encountering this error I tried uninstalling 2016, cleaning out my Registry errors using CCleaner - no relevant errors appeared to be detected and only four were found at all - and rebooting before reinstalling. Same result. I also tried using the Control Panel > Programs and Features option to Repair Sketchup with no improvement.

I’m using Windows 7 Pro and I have plenty of horsepower with 32 Gb of RAM, an i7 processor and an NVidia Quadro 5010M video processor with 2 Gb of dedicated video RAM. And a flash memory drive with 500Gb. The computer is a workstation laptop HP EliteBook 8760W.