LO Auto Text Alignment

Using Page-Name Auto Text, when the number of characters in a Page-Name force a carriage return on a Text Box that is Vertically Centered, the first line of text gets vertically centered and subsequent lines follow below. This results in paragraph text not being Vertically centered.

Problem Deciphered.

A LayOut set has 2-Pages.

Text on First Page-Name is so long, it forces a Text Box Carriage Return.

  • First Page Auto-Text is Vertically and Horizontally aligned.

  • Page Name on the second sheet fits ok in just one line.

  • BUG: For Auto-Text on the Second Page, LO “forces” an unneeded second or more text lines even though Page-Name fits in a single line. Vertical Alignment for ALL pages is predicated on the maximum total number of lines found throughout the document. If Page-Name requires 3-lines of text in just one sheet, ALL Text Boxes will be forced to carry 3 lines of text and vertical alignment will not be respected on each individual page.

SOLUTION: Abandon Auto-Text for Page-Name until the vertical alignment feature is corrected as needed for each individual page. This is going to force double input between Pages Page-Name and the actual Sheet Content Description on the LO Document.


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