Live SketchUp Q&A!

We are back with another live Q&A session! join us on your preferred platform (links below) and ask the SketchUp questions you need answers to!

Examples questions:

How do I use Follow Me to create crown molding?
Is there an extension for mirroring geometry?
What that thing in Aaron’s left hand?

See you all Friday!


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if it’s an occasional table, what is it the rest of the time?

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What makes Teflon stick to the pan?

Why are they called buildings when they are already built?


OK… we can start this now…

It is a stool.


Because “Builded” sounds just silly.


I don’t think an “erection” is any better.

I think that I have sometimes heard the word “house” used about an object made out of construction materials that has an inside you can go to.

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true story from a few years back -

My dad sent a guy with a disposable film camera to take photos of the buildings they were working on. “take this and go get photos of the elevations”

week later, he gets the photos. of lifts*.

what the hell are these he asks… the reply was “you asked for pictures of the elevators”…

*in the UK Lifts are the term for Elevators…

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Hi all

First of all, thanks for these video, i learn a lot of things every time.
Due to the Covid, i spend many time on your lasts videos released.
I’m admiring your self-control with the crash in the « Notre -Dame » Modeling…are you Yoda ?
it is really pleasant to see your techniques, the way of approaching the modeling and the details in your explanations. for all that, you, jody and your team, cheers !

and now the question…
how can i manage curve on an other curve without using an Extension like Sub-D or Artisan ?
i want to model a crane hook like this. if you look all of this is round.!
it’s easy to shape it and push/pull, but how do i do to make it round, i mean perfect rounded ?

thank you in advance



I may hold onto this… I can think of a way totally native, and one with a free extension!

I will have this queued up to get us started on Friday!

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Hey Aaron, I’ve built some quite complex models with lots of scenes. If you add geometry in a scene but don’t want it show in the other scenes, you have to manually hide/untag and update the other scenes so that it doesn’t show. Is there a way for something to appear in just its original scene, and not filter across to the other scenes? . can the outliner help with this?

When you make a new scene it carries over the visibility of the previous scene. You could create the first scene with everything visible, then hide any objects that are only to appear in that scene, before making the second scene. When you make the third scene those scene 1 objects will still be hidden.

not sure if that answers the question, it’s about showing the added geometry in one particular scene in a model with all the scenes setup, all ready.
You could, however, wrap the added geometry in a Component, Save that component and open it in another instance of SketchUp or tab, create another wrapper for all the loose geometry (Group) and hide that (It needs to be an Object to work properly, depending on the Style settings of the scenes for hidden geometry and hidden objects)

Go back to the original file, select the scene, reload the component and unhide the nested wrapper in Outliner. Then update that scene, only.

(or use an extension, but where’s the fun in that?)

Aaron, could you demonstrate how you would model the top part of this piece?


Hi @MikeWayzovski and @colin - thanks for the feedback. Its not a major issue - just wondered if i was missing anything obvious.
Its just a case of having an organised model with everything tagged etc. But you then have to go back to each scene and update. Wondered if there was a simple workaround. Is there an extension out there that helps with that?

@barry1 Check out Auto Invisible Layer on the Extension Warehouse. It’s a simple little bit of kit that makes new layers invisible in every scene when on. There are many other scene manager extensions but this one is simple and easy to use.

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Ok great thanks @endlessfix I’ll check it out… must admit my extension use is tad limited.

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It’s super easy, a toggle switch. When “on” newly created tags are not in existing scenes, when “off” they are.

It’d be nice to support display of decimal values. (I have the online Shop version)
Or does it already support that?
I need 1/10 mm precision.

Easy enough in Model Info.