Live Modeling YouTube Problem

I am having a problem with viewing the Live modeling session on the Mandalorian’s Helmet. There was a similar problem to this with the video on the Space Needle. When I am on the YouTube site and select the Mandalorian’s Helmet video ( showing as 3:50:54 in length), the result is the video starts well over an hour into the video and indicates that it is only 2:00 hours long. The same thing happened with the Space Needle video but that seems to be corrected now.

Aaron made a comment about that regarding the Space Needle video. He said it took a call to YouTube to get it straightened out. I expect they’ll do the same thing again on Monday.

Hope so. I was intrigued by his trying to do it as a solid, and now, having watched the first few minutes of what was posted and with Aaron saying that he was at a point where if this weren’t live he’d throw away what he’d done so far and start over, I really want to see the first part. :wink:

The full video has now been restored. However, the chat comments are not showing - probably also a You Tube issue?