Linking file between two or more SketchUp files

can we link other sketchup file on our sketchup file rather than copying and paste… i havent seen linkage option in sketchup
Is the linkage option is unavailable? though there is import option but linkage option means are different from import option when working in multigroups

SketchUp doesn’t have a function like XREF in AutoCad, but importing a model into another will allow youu to maintain a link to the original if you don’t explode it and keep it as a component. When the original changes, you can right-click on the component in your model and select Reload from the context menu and navigate back to the modified original file.


Or if you have a number of such links, you can use TIG’s Xref Manager plugin, from the Sketchucation Plugin Store. Register free to access the store, at SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation.

You can also right click on a component and “save as…” from the model, outliner or component manager and this will create a link between this component and the sketchup file you generated with that “save as…” command.

You can then reload the changes that you eventually make on that external file, as Anssi explained.