Linkage between Auto CAD and Sketchup. (2D CAD file as reference in Sketchup file.)

If we modify the CAD file that is imported or linked to Sketchup file,
Is it possible for the Sketchup files to automatically apply the moditfied CAD file in a particular way like CAD xref. ?

For example, I drew 1.0m X 1.0m rectangular in CAD and imported or linked this CAD file in sketchup in some kind of special way(I’m wondering about this….) and pushed up 1.0m.
And then, I modifed the rectangular shape as 2.0m X 2.0m in same CAD file.
After modifying, what I pushed up the shape as 1.0m X 1.0m X H1.0m in Sketchup is automatically changed as 2.0m X 2.0m x H1.0m !!! (Is it magic…? Haha…-.-;:wink:

Is it possible?
If not, anyone who knows similar way please tell me…

Not automatically, there are ref-manager extensions:

SketchUp only files: