Lines in Layout


When I start to draw a line in layout, the actual line does not start until about a millimeter after my starting point. Also when I draw circles the actual circle is not complete. Is there a setting that can be changed to modify that?


Do you have Grid Snapping turned on? Look in the Arrange menu. Turn it off if it is turned on.

Probably. Can you share a LayOut file that shows what you are seeing?


I tried to share the file but it’s too large to attach and send via this interface. And of course since I brought up the problem it’s stop happening.



If files are too big to upload directly, you can use DropBox and share the link. If it’s a file you’d rather not make public, send me a PM with the link.

I’m glad I could fix it for you. :smiley: :smiley:

So do you think this issue was limited to one file? If you are able to make it happen again, I’d be interested to see the file. Let’s hope it was just a phase of the moon or you weren’t holding your tongue right. :wink:


Dave this is the file.Please look at it and tell me what you think.



Calvin, I’m looking at your file. One thing I see is that you have the Stroke color set to white which makes it difficult to see the lines you draw.

Are you still getting the partially filled circles?


It’s not happening now with present lines or circles but if you click on the lines or the circle that I circled in red you’ll see the phenomenon that I was talking about.


Ah ha! I got it now. Hadn’t looked at the red circle since it opened to a different page. The issue is the Start Arrow you have selected.

Notice how the Start Arrow line is shorter than the End Arrow line.

If you open the drop down, you’ll see you have selected the short line way down towards the bottom.

You should use the one at the top.



That is so subtle; I never noticed the shorter start line before.


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