Line type suggestion

Two questions:

Where is the suggested ideas/features forum?

Idea: a line type with which would break, or at least look to break another line when it crosses it.

Moved to Feature Requests.

Muchas gracias Mr. Dave.

You’re welcome.

BTW until such time as the feature is added, you can do it without too much trouble if you want.

Ooooo! Please, tell me how!

I copied the lines I wanted to be on top and then, while they were selected, I increaseded the stroke thickness and changed the stroke color to white. Then I pasted the copied lines. To make it a little more obvious I increased the width even more and changed the color to a weird gray green. I also made the line on top thinner.
Screenshot - 4_24_2024 , 1_58_21 PM

You could do this for a bunch of lines all at once if you need it. I sometimes do this for label leaders when I need to run a leader over some complex model geometry and I don’t want it to get lost. In that case I just edit the lable and copy the leader out.

Does Style Builder support images with several colours, like a white background?

Oh. The ole line-on-line trick. Gotcha.

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No. It doesn’t

Yup. And pay attention to layer order so the lines on top are on the correct layer.

:metal: Copy.