Light effects tools

hi i just bought pro2016 and i cant seem to find the tools for the light effet (IES light effect)
is there any tools that i can download ?
and what are the tools that i got when i bought the sketch pro
by the way i am am amuture please help ASAP

Inside SketchUp, Window > Extension Warehouse
Search & browse to specific extension product pages and click the red Install for each one you wish to install.

Outside SketchUp, open a web browser and browse to:
Search & browse to specific extension product pages and click the red Download for each one you wish to download.
Start SketchUp, and open Window > Preferences > Extensions.
Click the “Install Extension…” button and naviagate to where you downloaded the RBZ archive files. Choose one to install.
Repeat for each extension that you downloaded.

@Tommy, looking through the new User Guide in the Customizing SketchUp chapter, I cannot find base explanation for new users on how to install extensions, automatically via the EW or manually, (like I explain here.) Only a complex treatment on migrating extensions from older SketchUp versions. (This would confuse brand new users.)

SketchUp User Guide: Getting Started in SketchUp

SketchUp User Guide: Creating a 3D Model

You could have a look at the LightUp Extension: which supports IES files inside SketchUp window.

See this video: (1.49 onward shows IES lights)

For now, we’ve decided to split Help Center content based on the products we offer. All Extension Warehouse related content begins in this book. You can there from the Help Center home page by clicking Help With… > Extension Warehouse

Though there may be an opportunity to cross-reference this Extension Warehouse content with the SketchUp sections you highlighted. We’ll keep thinking about that.