Lifespan of Layout Files

When re visiting a layout file created in 2017, using Sketchup/Layout 2017, opened in Layout version 21.1.278. I found several imported PDF’s failed to open, leaving broken references and voided windows in the document. Embedded Sketchup viewports are fine, as are Layout elements.

When replacing the imported files, Layout was slow to respond, unstable and crashed often. Tools functioned in lurching uncontrollable movements with long pauses between erratic jumps. Updating this file was slow, frustrating and wasted hours.

This makes me wonder how ephemeral the work we are creating in Sketchup/Layout is. On another project I am currently using 93 year old diazo blueprints to confirm as built conditions. Layout files for this project have not survived in useable condition for the start of construction.

Is something amiss, or is this progress?

For the near term:

This might be useful info in troubleshooting some of the recent issues that are reported in Layout 2021.

I’d be curious to see if the same thing happens in every version of 2021 they’ve released… and for that matter… what are results if you take this back by one year and try opening your 2017 file in SU 2020.


For the long term:

This topic has come up before…

Did you copy and paste the PDF’s into LO? In older versions of LayOut, copying from some other application and pasting into LayOut created a reference to a temporary file that will be lost when the operating system deletes it. The way to avoid that was to manually select the reference in References and unlink it so it becomes embedded.

I don’t remember if the change was with 2020 or 2021 but now when you copy and paste the reference is automatically embedded.

Probably the best practice anyway is to not copy and paste but instead always use FIle>Insert and insert content that is kept in a non-temporary folder linked to the project.

Good to know that, thanks