LIDAR/GIS/etc in SketchUp


Any staff care to comment on future of how they see terrain data (LIDAR/GIS/etc) being handled by Sketchup?

My thoughts/ideas are that speed and functionaiity could be added in the following areas:

  1. importing data with a relative base point (if we import it to 10,000m away from model origin, everything gets slow and difficult)… if we import it to 0,0,0 then we lose georeferncing.
  2. simplifying contours (good extension but far too slow).
  3. converting millions of tiny broken contour lines into a surface very quickly
  4. performing operations such as reducing or increasing complexity, smoothing, trimming/cropping, merging, etc. (common tasks for Civil3d, Revit, 12D, etc)
  5. importing formats such as SHP, MXD, KML, etc and recognising a few common associated objects such as coloured points, contour elevation labels, etc,

I’m keen to learn more.

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