License renewal shell game?

Is your maintenance and support up to date, it is a prerequisite for the offer.

I have been grateful for the help I have received through the forum from staff mentors and users.
But, right now it is feeling like an echo chamber with no certainty that comments made here will reach someone with their hand on the administrative tiller.
It should not be that difficult to acknowledge, preserve in some fashion and perhaps advantage the folks with classic licenses. It is just an algorithm, something that computers do without effort if someone simply cares enough to set them up.
For example, there could be a simple code to identify classic users and the advantage of a discount of a 1% discount per year license has been held. That’s off the top of my head, but something like that…
It’s about the SketchUp ecosystem, the community, its knowledge base and good will.
Is there and email address for the person who actually decides such things?


And, golly gee, something is screwed up with the subscribe web process. I just clicked on the “Subscribe” button to check out what happened.
The first time it did not show any discount.
The second time it did show the discount and the correct price of $240.
Then, when I clicked “Continue,” it refreshed to a screen showing cost as $808.
You must appreciate my confusion.


tried it again, apparently the store logs you out automatically after a short while
works now

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yes, had the same annoying problem
check if you’re still logged in
apparently the site logs you out after a short time

So what does the SketchUp Classic license on this page mean?

It means you can still buy the Classic Licence until 4th November 2020.

After the 4th you will no longer be able to buy a Classic Licence

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OK, this is what I just got in my email a short time ago. (I had just purchased SU2020 for myself - not for work - about a month ago.)

“• Update your current perpetual license before November 4 to access SketchUp Pro 2021 when it’s released.”

So, now, how do I do this and how much does it cost please?

Thanks !

No, but they have done other things like make it difficult to access the extension warehouse, essentially made the Classic version a dead end, made it impossible to update every 2/3 years and still be able to use the product, and have, in effect, made a substantial price increase in the product if one wants to remain current.

To their credit, they have offered somewhat of a compromise to those of us who are not interested in or cannot afford to pay that kind of price every year by allowing us to make one more purchase of the Classic albeit for a higher price than the subscription.

It also represents an abandonment of those in the maker community who have invested time and money based on the openness and pricing of the platform in it’s early years.

So it’s really not a shell game. SketchUp is going to a subscription based pricing system and that is that.

I looked up your licenses, and you’ve had some interesting times with us from the look of it!

As best I can tell, you have support with your current license until the end of September, and you don’t need to do anything before then.

The email may be connected to a license that was refunded, and I will tell colleagues about that.

I am not looking forward to the frustration in 4-5 years time when I am retired and a client says can I open up an old SU file to do a minor change and I can not because my subscription has expired… fork out $400+ to look at a file for a few minutes…


“We’re always iterating and improving things here at SketchUp and we want to be sure you, our most loyal customers, don’t get left behind.”

Well, you move the shells around, keep up the patter, there’s the classic license then, poof, it’s gone. I don’t really know how it works, but imagine its a corporate thing. Some exec wanting to gain points with a profit column. The “most loyal customer” thing is simply palliative from the copy writer.


I do have support, but the renewal date is after the 4th of November–so I as I understand it, I get no chance at renewal of the classic license, and your comment is confusing.

This is exactly my concern,

but I’m sure I’ve read that the free online version will 'always ’ be able to open your old pro models…no extensions, all shortcuts missing etc. But we’d be retired so a good excuse not to get dragged back in !!

I don’t understand what you mean here…

My M&S expires Feb 2021 and the way I understand it, I will get support and updates up until then and have whatever the version is at Feb 2021 forever as long as it works on any machine I have.

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So can you also get another M&S contract now?

Oh, Colin is talking about the Subscription offer, not the last chance M&S. That’s why I was confused.

I sent an email to my reseller the other day asking if I can renew now to extend my M&S…

yes that is not so clear!

at least when my reseller said I could take up a subscription deal the other week, the ToS they sent me said that the offer (from them) was valid up until Sept 2020!

Click out a quick email using the “Contact Sales” link, explain the situation, and they will sent you a promo code.