Licence and authorization code

Hi, I bought SKU plan for one year license and I cannot use it yet, for the app requires serial number and authorization code and it has not been sent to me. How can I get this information? I have a project to be delivered soon and I cannot work.


In the SketchUp 2019 client, the use of the Serial Number and Auth code is a licensing option for those who are not using a subscription. All you should need to do is sign in.

Be sure that your subscription seat is assigned to you. You can do so by going to your Account Management Portal and enter into the MEMBERS area to make sure you are assigned your seat. Make sure that you have the appropriate subscription type selected. Here is a graphic to help explain:


More information can be found here in the SketchUp Help Center

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Often, when a subscription is provisioned by a third party (Create engine or a local reseller), the product to which you have been given access is under the area under your personal one. You can scroll, but this is not always obvious (window of the browser is to low!)

It would be far more obvious from a enduser’s perspective that you, upon opening the AMP, you would see to what product you have been entitled to or provisioned by, instead of the trial version.

If you buy something, it is very frustrating that you initially you see the trial subscription instead of your bought product (especially since you bought the product because you were in an ending trial!


Thank you very much for your help!

Helped a lot! Thank you, very much!!!

Thank you for your help!