Level Editor

Is there a functionality to place component instances from already existing ones and also can they be named the same as the component definition.

I’m developing importer/exporter to a game engine and it would be useful if I can have a picker of object which I can place on the map - I use the component instance names as tags to identify them.

Currently I’m exporting the objects with distance between them and then copying pasting them. This way both the tag and the mesh stay the same. But it would be cleaner if I can just have a list of objects somewhere in a menu instead.

You can use the MoveTool and tap the CTRL key to put it in “copy mode”. Then click on any already placed instance and move. You’ll see a copy attached to the cursor. Repeat as many times as you need.

Or … you in the Components inspector panel you can display the model’s “In Model” definitions collection (the little house icon) and select a definition from the list.

You may name instances whatever you wish using the Entity Info panel.