Legal landscape paper sizes

Is there the option for legal size paper in layout. really do not need the other 1000 options, just legal and letter.

thanks in advance,

You can choose Letter and Legal size paper from Documents Setup. If you only need those sizes make your own custom templates with those sizes and choose from there when starting a new file. Easy as pie.

By the way, it would be helpful if you would correctly identify your graphics card or leave it blank. What you’ve currently entered isn’t helpful.

You can start off as Letter size template, and change it to the legal size. Find the option under File > Page Setup…(Ctrl+Shift+P)

Also, you can set the template so it doesn’t ask you all the time, or save as “My templates”

@DaveR has beat me to it, but im going to post this anyways.

thank you for the reply, odd enough i do not have “legal” as an option in my list. DaveR way worked. thank you.

DaveR, thank you very much.