Leader Text coordinates for groups, strange semantics or bug?

This topic is to bring attention/discussion in this forum to a question that arose over in SketchUcation.

When leader text is applied to show coordinates of vertices in groups, the logic seems backward for whether global model or local coordinates of points are displayed. See the attached image.

I created a 5x4x3 group at the model origin and then moved it 3 along the red axis. I then moved a copy of the group 3 beyond that. On the copy nearer the origin I labeled vertices without opening the group for edit. The values shown are local coordinates within the group’s definition’s entities. On the copy farther from the origin, I opened the group for edit and then labeled the equivalent vertices. The values shown are the global model coordinates.

I expected exactly the opposite: that the coordinates would be in the context that was open for modeling at the moment. Is this a bug (and if so, is it a known bug), or is it based on some strange logic that breaks my intuition?

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And if anyone from the SU team looks at this, could I also ask why sometimes I don’t get ccoordinates at all, just an Enter Text box opening up, which (if I type in it) seems to be Screen text not Leader Text. I was careful to get an inference from the point before clicking - or at least, I was trying to do so: but if I DID miss, it wasn’t obvious. And successive attempts do no better.

Labeling Groups versus raw geometry(?)
Meaning: when ‘entering the group’ you are in a tiny model, with no groups, just lines and faces

Understood. So why does it label those vertices as if you are in the full model when you are in an open group and vice versa when you are top level in the model?

I agree it is somewhat confusing. As I understand it only applies to endpoints of groups that have no instance name. And it gets even more confusing with nested groups with no instance names.
As components do have instance names you’ll not see it happening on their endpoints. The lowest level (the basic geometry in editing context) will reveal their coordinates towards in the world axes system as in earlier versions. Otherwise you’ll get the component’s instance names from endpoints.

The yellow dot is the worlds origin coinciding with component#1’s origin.

Same situation with unnamed groups:

You have not yet saved the file, so you are actually in an unnamed component (?)

Is this a statement or question? :smile:
The file is not saved yet but that doesn’t change anything. After saving it I still get the same text: coordinates from endpoints to their own local origin, nested as deep as the are.

I’m not near a computer to test, so guess it was a question😬

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