Layout - why don't they combine Layout and Sketchup into a single program


Wow Dave. I never thought about producing invoices in LO. It makes me think that we could also produce field reports, field sketches, RFI & Shop Drawings logs & responses - keeping everything in one related folder.


You can do all sorts of things with LayOut that don’t have anything to do with SketchUp. When I was still an Instructor in the Mayo College of Medicine, I used LayOut to create a variety of handouts for the nurse anesthesia program and for the residents. It worked perfectly for what I needed.


I’ve used Lo very successfully with SO. My weakness concerning these forms and other documents is to get a better handle on auto text.

I also may have missed the boat on updated images in LO. When I revise a SO image, I typically save the scene & import into LO. Am I missing a step where the Lo viewports can be set up to automatically adjust to the
SO revision.


I dont use SketchUp for Architecture/Woodwork so I am very glad it is separate otherwise it would just be extra clutter in the UI, one of the reasons I like using SketchUp is that it’s so clean.


There are a couple of options. You can use autotext that you edit in Document Setup or you could insert XLSX files as tables. And a table doesn’t have to have more than one cell referenced. Or you could have a table of text entities but different text boxes/tables referring to different parts of the XLSX.

I assume you mean SU instead of SO?

If you open the SketchUp file from LayOut (right click on the viewport and choose Open with SketchUp, changes you save to the SketchUp file will automatically be shown when you go back to LayOut. To make this work properly you want to make sure you aren’t modifying the scenes in LayOut, though.


I am trying to understand your second question better, to reply.

To clarify, when you write "revise a SO (SU) image, are you describing revising your SU model or revising your SU scene or maybe both, between LO Document Setup > References > Updates?


yep - SU :). Right clicking and opening in the LO viewport worked perfectly. Thank you. I’ll let you know how the autotext works for me.