LayOut e SketchUp Pro

Hello to all.
I’ve always wondered why you did not integrate LayOut into SketchUp Pro …
Unique Professional Application.

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Please look more closely at the program. SketchUp Pro ships with Layout as part of its native functionality, but LayOut is designed to function as a complementary program to SU. IMO, it would be problematic to have the presentation characteristics of LO integrated into SU.

Can you better explain how you anticipate the programs to work in an integrative manner?

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CAD and BIM applications often have a “model space” and a “sheet” or “Paper space” mode. I don’t think introducing the same kind of concept into SketchUp would be such a bad idea. It might bring better integration between SU and LO.

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For the benefit of new users, this is what the two programs currently accomplish (a fact of which @Anssi is already aware). I guess the issue for me is trying to visualize how the separate (but complementary) programs become one without sacrificing efficiency or functionality of either.

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The integration of the two programs would be more productive for the users.

  • Use the same layers in SketchUp and LayOut (Avoiding using 300 views to export to LayOut);
  • Import Laywut into Dwg, which is not possible today.
  • Use the same tools.
  • SketchUp and LayOut files disappear with external reference, which can cause problems.
    These are some of the reasons for Integration.
    If I remember well Archicad up to version 6.5 / 9.00 had an external print program. Today, this has disappeared and the printing boards are managed within the program.
    One reason there will be …

Layers in SketchUp and LayOut are not the same sort of thing so this wouldn’t make sense.

What does this mean? References to files in LayOut don’t disappear if you use the correct workflow. There’s also the option to disconnect the link to external references and use only the embedded reference.

One of the nice things about having them separate is that there is not a 1 to 1 relationship between SketchUp models and LayOut files. With LayOut, I can create a single document that pulls from a dozen different SketchUp models.


Yes, you have convinced me, let alone the two applications is the best choice …
But to be able to import into LayOut the dwg would be useful.
We hope this is possible in the future.
What do you think …

I really have no issue about the programs being separate, but I still do hope for better integration.

On the forum, I would guess that 75% of LayOut-related questions (apart from crashes) are about the overly complicated interplay between SketchUp scenes, styles and LayOut viewports. It is a sort of rocket science to make it work, as several interrelated things have to be configured right and in the right order.

It is easier in AutoCad! (I do NOT love AutoCad)

What users expect is the view and style changes they do in LayOut to be saved and to stay put even when the SketchUp model updates.


Well said, @Anssi I guess I’m hoping for better “separation” which I think is really the same ends, control appearance from LayOut natively. Apart from actually editing or creating geometry, I want LayOut to do everything else. I still don’t fully understand the logic behind the way LayOut viewports are designed to function now, I don’t intend to be cheeky or critical I just genuinely don’t understand the thought process behind it. It seems to me that if LayOut can read the sketchup file and has the capability to change the camera position it could easily also save that camera position and maintain it through updates, same goes for styles. Was there some perceived benefit in the way it’s designed making it so dependent on scenes? I use LayOut and I make it work, but I agree the relationship feels much more demanding of my time than it needs to be. There are benefits yes like scale and dimensions and others, and I am getting better at managing things, but with this current work flow I almost might as well be exporting my scenes as 2D jpgs and building a word document because those scenes are unchangeable.

Ok, I’m all calmed down now, I’m going back to updating my references. :grinning:

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